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Dec 16, 2010

How to Create Repair line while doing an RMA

How to Create Repair line while doing an RMA –
Case that I am going to discuss in the post is very common practice, and theirs is Standard solution, but over the weekend I came across some issues and thought of putting it on the Post.
In the present day complex manufacturing that involve 3rd party /contract
Manufacturing /Repair there is need for a flow in Supply chain to create the repair order as soon as user receive an RMA (with the assumption that RMA still be repaired). To fulfill there is almost a standard in Order management to create an Outgoing Repair line as soon as we received the RMA line.
In nutshell as soon as we have RMA (inbound line), created the outbound line.

There are 2 ways to Implement this solution

#1.Create Inbound and outbound line together with by means of Process Order API.

#2.Customized Standard RMA line workflow and add a custom activity (to create a outbound line via Process Order API), after the sub-process “Return Receiving – Line”. By doing this system will create the outbound line only once we successfully received the RMA in the inventory.

Advantages of #2 over #1 are – As we are creating the outbound repair line only once the RMA line is successfully received. In case of RMA line is rejected system will not create repair line at all, where as in approach #1 we are creating both the lines together and in case we need to reject the RMA or cancel the RMA line before receiving we need to cancel both the line.

Well concluding that #2 is better than #1 is my opinion. But there is possibility that based on complex industry scenarios #1 better that #2.

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