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Dec 3, 2010

Automatic Attachment in Oracle Order Management

This is Detailed Post about what Automatic Attachment  in Oracle Order Management - Please refer the below Presentation for complete Setup and Short Demo.
 What is an Attachment
  1. Attachment is a file,text doc, or a web file attached to a particular entity, to capture additional information or data, that is otherwise not captured through applications.
  2. Enable users to link unstructured data, such as images,word doc, spreadsheets, or text to application data.
  3. Attachment information can flow through entire application
What is Automatic Attachment -
Automatic Attachment in Order Management means ,moment we create and Save the Sales Order , System will attach Attachment to Order Header/Lines based on the Rules and Attributes you have created.

In Oracle Order management , we can enable Auto attachments by either setting the Profile OM: Apply Automatic Attachments = Yes , if it is yes then whenever we save Order system will attach attachment , but if  it No then we need to  Navigate to Action Button and  > Automatic Attachment.

Please note that Automatic Attachment in Oracle Order Management are based on the rules on Attributes . As of Now Supported Attributes are -
For Order Header
  1. Customer
  2. Customer PO
  3. Invoice To
  4. Order Category
  5. Order Type
  6. Ship To

 For Order Line
  1. Customer
  2. Inventory Item
  3. Invoice To
  4. Line Category
  5. Line Type
  6. Purchase Order
  7. Ship To
NOTE - This post is for Auto Attachment in Oracle Order Management and not cover any basic functionality of Attachment.

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