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Sep 8, 2010

Back to Back order creates New requisition if Reservation got deleted.

There was question about back-to-back Order. Customer has created the B2B Sales Order/Requisition and Purchase Order (not yet received), but somehow they deleted the reservation and order line once again back to “Supply Eligible Status” and on progress, order line once again creates a New requisition  in system and flow Status code for Order line is 'External requisition requested'

This creation of requisition is is very much expected behavior because In B2B flow Supply order (Purchase Orders) always hard pegged (hard-reservation) to the sales order, so that any other demand source for same item  should not take that Item.(reserved for this sales Order). But this link between Order management and Purchasing has broken because of the deletion of reservation. And order line back to status of “Supply Eligible” ad any attempt to progress order line once again created a new requisition/new PO etc.

But customer requirement here are, to avoid the creation of New requisition .Because requisition /Purchase has already created earlier , and only way to achieve this is ,If customer has item already available in the stock( received against the PO created before they deleted the reservation, or received from some other source) then they can manually reserved the item against the Inventory and not against "Requisition" , in such case Order line will progress to "Awaiting Shipping' and eligible for Pick release etc, thus they can avoid creation of new requisition.

NOTE - Please Note that when sub inventory information is changed for an B2B Order line ( already reserved and requisition has created) , reservation information for this order line got deleted and line moves back to Supply Eligible state.

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