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Feb 9, 2010

ITS completes with Warning.

Today I notice that many a time ITS process when executed with Trip/Delivery blank , completes with WARNING.
On Further investigation I notice that it completes with warning because it is throwing Error for one of the sales order that we have migrated in Oracle in 2000.
Workflow for Order line is not available and also open flag = N.I tried to Progress the Order , but Inventory Interface was erroring out with the Error that Period is Closed(Since Order created some where in 2000 now period is closed). Since Item is already shipped and invoiced in 2000,so we don't want to Ship or Invoice this line again , and also system will allow me to open 2000 PERIOD now , so best possible option available to me is set the oe_interfaced_flag and inv_interfaced_flag , so that ITS will not pick this Order again. Solution looks good and works for us .

NOTE - this is my analysis and what we did , but it not a advise.

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