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Nov 17, 2023

Integration of Concur Expense Invoices with Oracle General Ledger Cloud to Streamlining Expense Invoices Processing

Streamlining Expense Invoices Processing and Financial Reporting through Integration of Expense Invoices created Concur with Oracle General Ledger Cloud


XYZ Corporation, a multinational organization, uses Concur Expense Invoices for managing employee expense submissions and approvals. To ensure a seamless financial workflow and accurate reporting, XYZ Corporation decides to integrate Concur Expense Invoices with Oracle General Ledger Cloud.

Integration cab be Real time based in REST APIs from Concur and Oracle Fusion Payable  cloud or batch process that might involves offline Invoices extract from concur and load into oracle Payable via FBDI or REST APIs


Automated Expense Data Transfer:

Objective: Manual entry of expense data into Oracle General Ledger leads to errors, delays, and increased administrative effort.

Integration Solution: Concur Expense Invoices is integrated with Oracle General Ledger Cloud to enable the automatic transfer of approved expense data. This ensures accuracy and eliminates the need for manual data entry.

Real-time Expense Updates:

Objective: The finance team lacks real-time visibility into employee expenses, leading to potential discrepancies and challenges in monitoring spending.

Integration Solution: Integration provides real-time updates from Oracle Concur to Oracle General Ledger. Finance teams can access up-to-date information, track expenses in real-time, and make informed financial decisions.

Automated Journal Entries:

Objective: Creating journal entries for each expense transaction manually is time-consuming and prone to errors.

Integration Solution: Concur Expense Invoices integration with Oracle General Ledger Cloud automates the creation of journal entries. This ensures accurate and timely recording of expenses in the general ledger.

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