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Aug 28, 2017

Components of ODI Project

Components of ODI Project

An ODI Project is created and managed using the Projects Accordion in the Designer Navigator.
A Project is a collection of the following ODI objects:

  1. Folders 
  2. Packages 
  3. Mappings and Reusable Mappings
  4. Procedures
  5. Variables
  6. Sequences
  7. User functions
  8. Knowledge Modules
  9. Markers.

An unlimited number of Projects can be created  in a Work Repository .


  1. Packages, Mappings and Procedures can only be created under a folder 
  2. By default, when you create a Project, a folder named “First Folder” is automatically created., you can renamed or delete it.
  3.  Folders can also contain other Folders (Sub-folders).

  1. Package: a workflow, a sequence of steps organized into an execution diagram
  2. Mapping: a reusable dataflow. A set of declarative rules that allows the loading of target datastores with data transformed from source datastores.
  3. Procedure: a reusable component that groups a sequence of operations that can not be done using a mapping.
  4. Variable: an object that stores a single value. Can be updated at run-time.
  5. Sequence: a variable automatically incremented when is used.
  6. User functions: customized functions to be used in mappings and procedures.
  7. Knowledge Modules: a code template for a given technology that provides a specific task (loading data, reverse-engineering, journalizing).
    1. A Knowledge Module (KM) is a code template for a specific integration task against a specific technology and implements "how" the integration processes take place

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