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Sep 13, 2015

Oracle Big Data Discovery

Oracle Big Data Discovery is a fundamentally new approach to making sense of Big Data, empowering organizations to quickly see and understand the potential of raw data in Hadoop.

Big Data Discovery is a member of the Oracle Big Data Analytics product suite which, together with Oracle's other Big Data solutions, offers customers the industry's most comprehensive Big Data platform.

Technically this how Oracle BDD looks like

Over the weekend I got the chance to plot huge volume  data related to

  • Prices of Commodities( Fruits and Vegi) at Major US Retail Stores ( Jan-Aug 15) and 
  • Farmers Market in US 
from Hadoop (HDFS) to Oracle BDD and believe me it was so easy ( Please note that I was doing some basic stuff , OBDD is much more powerful that this).

Consumer Retail Price of  Commodities( Fruits and Vegi) at Major US Retail Stores 
( Jan-Aug 15)

Consumer Retail Price of  Commodities( Red Delicious Apple) at Major US Retail Stores
 ( Jan-Aug 15) 

Farmers Markets in US

Farmers Markets in US(California)

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