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Dec 3, 2012

Two Step Material Issue Vs One Step material issue in Oracle eAM

In TWO Step Material Issue - System will Perform
  1. Material Allocation and then 
  2. Material Issue 
Material Allocation will be performed as soon as eAM Work Order got Released and after that user need to perform the material issue for Self Service Page .. Store >Material issue > Issue

Note - For Allocation to be triggered at the Time of Work Order Release , please make sure that Auto Allocate Flag is ON at the Material Order Line as well as Work Order Header ( In WO header it got defaulted from Parameter - Enable Material issue request ) 

On the other hand In One Step Material Issue we don't perform Allocation, user can directly issue the Material.
Another Advantage of One Step Material issue is , it let you do Over Issue.

For How to Spot One Step and Two Step Material issue in MTL_MATERIAL_TRSNACTION table , please tune in to my Next blog post.


  1. Hi,
    Just wondered if there is a way to delay/defer the material allocation not to happen when the work order is released, instead the material will allocate for example 7 days before the material date required.


  2. In case you don't want Material Allocation trigger wehn you Released the work Order then DISABLE the "Auto Request Material" flag at BOM label.