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Dec 19, 2012

API to Copy an existing Workorder in Oracle eAM

Below is sample code to copy an existing WorkOrder in Oracle Enterprise Asset management ( eAM) , by using public API  EAM_PROCESS_WO_PUB.COPY_WORKORDER


X_status VARCHAR2(4000);
X_Msg_Cnt Number;
X_Msg_Data Varchar2(4000);
L_Eam_Wo_Rec_Out      Eam_Process_Wo_Pub.Eam_Wo_Rec_Type;
L_Eam_Op_Tbl          Eam_Process_Wo_Pub.Eam_Op_Tbl_Type;
L_Eam_Op_Network_Tbl  Eam_Process_Wo_Pub.Eam_Op_Network_Tbl_Type;
L_Eam_Res_Tbl         Eam_Process_Wo_Pub.Eam_Res_Tbl_Type;
L_Eam_Res_Inst_Tbl    Eam_Process_Wo_Pub.Eam_Res_Inst_Tbl_Type;
L_Eam_Res_Usage_Tbl   Eam_Process_Wo_Pub.Eam_Res_Usage_Tbl_Type;
L_Eam_Mat_Req_Tbl     Eam_Process_Wo_Pub.Eam_Mat_Req_Tbl_Type;
L_Eam_Direct_Items_Tbl    Eam_Process_Wo_Pub.Eam_Direct_Items_Tbl_Type;
L_Return_Status   Varchar2(100);
L_Msg_Count Number;
x_return_status   varchar2(100);

,p_api_version_number => 1.0
,p_init_msg_list => 'TRUE'
,P_Commit => 'N'
,P_Wip_Entity_Id => 1863991--p_wip_entity_id
,p_organization_id => 804--p_organization_id
,x_eam_wo_rec => L_EAM_WO_REC_OUT
,x_eam_op_tbl => L_EAM_OP_TBL
,x_eam_op_network_tbl => L_EAM_OP_NETWORK_TBL
,x_eam_res_tbl => L_EAM_RES_TBL
,x_eam_res_inst_tbl => L_EAM_RES_INST_TBL
,x_eam_res_usage_tbl => L_EAM_RES_USAGE_TBL
,x_eam_mat_req_tbl => L_EAM_MAT_REQ_TBL
,x_eam_direct_items_tbl => L_EAM_DIRECT_ITEMS_TBL
,x_return_status => L_RETURN_STATUS
,X_Msg_Count => L_Msg_Count
  If X_Msg_Cnt > 0 Then
    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Error Occurred in WO Creation : '||SQLERRM||' : '||SQLCODE);
  End If;
  Dbms_Output.Put_Line('x_return_status.......  '||X_Return_Status);


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