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Mar 3, 2012

Sync between Drop Ship Sales Order and corresponding PO

For a Drop Ship Sales Order where Requisition and purchase order has already been created.........

  1. Only Primary Quantity (Order qty) changes on SO will trigger Secondary Qty Syn in Purchasing.
  2. Grade will not be auto Sync between SO and PO.
  3. Shipping Method info from SO will be pass to PO ( Reason - Shipping Method Info. is required by the drop Ship Supplier , to ship the good to customer).
  4. Similarly Shipping Instructions will be pass from SO to PO ( and finally to supplier).
  5. Also a new Menu Option "View Sales Order" is now available in PO to check the status of Drop Ship Sales Order ( Important - this is visible only if Drop Ship PO has already created in system).
NOTE - Please note that Purchasing Module will not Store the SO data elements in Requisition or PO tables, instead this information is taken from SO lines whenever required.


  1. Hi,

    Please let me know the API to create UOM and UOM Conversion.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. little busy , will try to get something .In case you already have that , pls do share

  2. Good one , thanks for sharing