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Jan 25, 2012

Order Booking as Deferred Process

Below is short post about how to make Order Booking process as deferred process...(About why to make booking as deferred process ...Many a times customers who import bulk of order using order Import has requirement not to book the individual order , rather they prefer to run the workflow background process and Book the batch of orders in single go).

Below are the steps about how to modify the Oracle Standard Order Header workflow and add Booking as Deferred Process.

1. Oracle Standard Order Header Workflow

2.Oracle Standard Booking Process.

3.Navigate to Workflow , and select  Book Order Deferred Process.

4.Review the - Oracle Standard Book (Order) as Deferred Process.

5Now Navigate to workflow Navigator Window and Select and Copy the Oracle Standard Order Header Process and rename it.

6.Drag and drop the Oracle Standard Booking as Deferred Sub-Process in the  Process Created in Step#5.

 7. Same as as Step#6.
 8. Remove the Line for "Book - Order Manual" process and created the link for "Book - Order Deferred"
 9.Order Header Flow with the Book as Deferred Process is ready.

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