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Aug 10, 2011

Order Sequence of Action Type AME

Recently I have Question about AME

Question - 
We have defined the Rule with added Conditions and Actions saved.Coming back and query for the same rule, we found the order of Actions have been changed.Again modified in required order and saved but still the issue is same.Any Idea in what are all the cased it could happen?

Answer - 
Action Type under Action is sorted alphabetically(please Note there is no Order # associated with it) .
Also  it's order sequence  has no Impact on the final outcome ,Because once a rule executed by AME engine ,it will process all the action types defined for Action.

e.g If we define Action Type
1.Dual chains of authority
2.Absolute job level

and then Close the Rule window and open it again , it will display as

1.Absolute job level
2.Dual chains of authority

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