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Jan 15, 2011

WF_Engine complete activity and Retry activity

Oracle workflow has provided a very powerful workflow engine API WF_ENGINE , with this API we can perform RETRY , SKIP Or COMPLETE workflow activity. In this post I will add few lines to explain what is the difference between RETRY and and COMPLETE activity. For both of these WF_engine API uses different procedures.
For complete activity it uses
wf_engine.completeactivit and for RETRY it uses wf_engine.handleError . Fundamental difference between thee 2 are if root activity for a process is already CLOSED and we do completeactivity then it will have no impact on root activity , it will just complete the activity for which you have executed completeactivity , on the contrary if root activity is closed and you execute RETRY with wf_engine.handleError then retry will open the root activity too and then retry the activity for which you have executed it.
Another difference for completeactivity activity should be in NOTIFIED status, but same is not true for RETRY via wf_engine.handleError.
Hope that helps

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