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Dec 19, 2010

Model line stuck at WAIT_FOR_CTO in Oracle Order Management.

This post is a out model line for an ato model stuck at WAIT_for_CTO status either in notified or error status and all of the lines Options/Class/Config items are in Fulfill Notified status.
In such case best options at a data fix as there is no other way to progress line. In the data-fix if we progress the Model line from WAIT_FOR_CTO status it will progress all the lines .

Please Note that in actual process whenever config line got shipped and ITS executed successfully it progress workflow of config line from SHIP_LINE nottofed status to Fulfill and at the same time progress the Model line from WAIT_FOR_CTO status.(Note - In case of Model after booking, Model line workflow progress and Created the Config line and then reached to wait_for_cto status and wait till it got pused by the Confog line).

But in case Config line is in FULFILL-Notifed status and Model line is at WAIT_FOR_CTO - Error status , best solution is progress the model line by means of  "retry Activities in Error" and this will Progress the Model line as well as all the Class/Option as well as the Config line.

Many a cases I have notice that Model line is in SCHEDULE_LINE - Eligible status where as all the Class/option and config lines are FULFILL-Notifed status, best soltion in that case is Select the Model line and the Right click and then Select "Progress Order" from the Popup menu and it will progress all the lines to next activity.

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