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May 7, 2010

Improve Oracle Advance Pricing Performance - Part 2 ( R11i and R12i).

In this post I will just talk briefly about the new feature introduced in R12 Oracle Advance pricing (Oracle Apps) to improve the performance. As all of us know that performance is very key in pricing and oracle release after release made lot/tons of successful efforts to improve performance.

In R12 oracle has introduced new features to improve performance.
1.    Enhance Price Engine Search.

For enhance price engine search – Oracle has introduce new search algorithm ti improve search time. And this can be activated by means of running the concurrent program and setting a profile option.

CP Name – Existing user need to run concurrent program QP : Pattern Upgrade’  , this is one time and user need not to run once they executed it once. This will basically upgrade existing setup to Pattern based search setup.

Profile ‘ QP:Pattern Search’ has to be setup as ‘ Both Modifiers and Price Lists’ at site  level. Additional user can set the profile “QP: Pattern Search Path”, available value are Search Headers First
Search Lines First

Based on their requirements. Based on the values for Search patch System will search
The ‘Lines First’ value searches the Line attributes ( which are product attribute, pricing attribute or line qualifiers) first and then on filtered results validate the header qualifiers whereas ‘Header First’ searches header attributes(Header qualifiers) first and then on filtered results validate the Lines (product, pricing, line qualifiers).

The pattern search path can also be set at Event Phase level  (Event Phase UI) and it has highest priority than the profile option.
Best thing about this feature is , you can improve the performance , just by running one Concurrent program and by setting profile option.

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