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Feb 28, 2010

Receiving throwing error for drop ship SO line

This Post is about Oracle Apps Drop Ship Orders and Receiving

Customer not able to do a receipt against DropShip sales order in Oracle Apps.
Another issues that I came cross about drop ship Sales Orders is customer not able to do receipt against a drop ship sales order, as usual I started my investigation and found that customer has splitted drop ship order line because of partial receipt and this issue is for the splitted drop ship line.
1. Data and workflow looks good for original and splitted order line.
2. Requisition as well as purchase order looks good and have correct data.
3.but when I looks on OE_DROP_SHIP_Sources table I found that their is not data exist inthis table for the splitted order line and because of that when customer try to do receipt, a call has made to OM drop ship API which returns errror becUse of missing data.

Best solution I found is insert missing data in oe drop ship sources table.
That is my take , in case you have any such issue ,I advise contact oracle support and get data fix from them

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  1. Good point,I think it should be able to help.

    You have vast knowledge of trubleshooting ideas/resolutions covered in this blog - Great Job and Keep it up!