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Oct 14, 2009

Mass Change Now available in OM Quick Sales Order Form in R12.1.1 #oow09

Mass change Now available in OM Quick Sales Order Form in R12.1.1  #oow09

Order has implemented "Mass change" functionality in Quick Sales order form in R12.1.1.It was available in Order Organizer for quite some time back.With this feature you can change quite large number of attribute in 1 go across the multiple sales order/lines.

Her's how it work.

Go to Quick Sales Order form , Query for your orders.let's say I want to query for all the orders that I have created for customer "XYZ" in last 5 days and want to change the "Salesrep" on all these Orders.

Query your Orders.
navigate to - Tools -
                              Mass Change -
It Popup "Mass change" form , populate the Attribute that you want to change, and Press ok.
System will prompt "Do you want to cascade changes to Line", if you want to do that Press "yes" and all Done.

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