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Jul 16, 2014

Oracle iStore : Returns

Oracle iStore : Returns

Oracle iStore's Returns feature allows both B2B and B2C users to return items from orders placed

In today's e-commerce environment, accepting return items in Web stores is standard functionality. Providing returns functionality both reduces the cost of doing business for merchants, and provides a invaluable step toward a complete customer self-service orientation.

To address this business requirement, Oracle iStore provides Returns functionality in the Customer Application. Using the Orders menu in the Customer Application, customers can initiate returns for orders which are in Booked or Closed status in Oracle Order Management. If an approval process is being used, an administrator can use Oracle Order Management to evaluate the returns, and either approve or reject the returns. Merchants can set up returns with or without Oracle Workflow approval
mechanisms in place

The Return Items button only displays in iStore Site if the profile option, IBE: Use Returns, is set to Yes, and for B2B users if the user has the IBE_CREATE_RETURN permission in his user role.

Return Flow -

  1. To initiate a return,customers select applicable items, specifying the return quantities and return reasons and execute return process. Return Process perform following mandatory validations
    1. Return Qty  not > Order Qty
    2. Return Qty not= 0
    3. Contact validations
    4. Item marked as returnable in Oracle inventory
  2. After the customer submits the RMA, Oracle iStore automatically sends a confirmation e-mail notification to the customer, also Oracle iStore displays a confirmation page with the return order number
  3. Once Oracle Order Management processes the return order, the appropriate e-mail notification is sent to the user.
  4. After an RMA is approved ( if Required) ,Oracle OM and AR process RMA data   and generate credit memos.
  5. RMAs are then available for the customer to track in Order Tracker .
A Mixed Order with lines of both Line Category Code as ORDER and RETURN can be queried and displayed in both Track Orders and Returns subtabs.

Please Note 
  1. Although Oracle Order Management supports several return types, Oracle iStore supports only Returns for Credit. Returns for Credit means that the customer is credited the money spent on the item, less any fees imposed by the merchant.
  2. Oracle iStore supports only, "At the price of the original order" pricing.

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