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Jun 2, 2014

Oracle Service Contract :Order management to Service Contract flow

In this webcast I will explain the data flow from Oracle Order Management to Oracle Service Contact.
To begin with I will create Sales Order, and progress it all the way to service Contract.

Steps - 
1. Create Sales Order for item AS54888 (this Product item has warranty item associated with it as part of BOM). This is my Line 1.1
2. Add service line (line # 1.1..1) in the Order and refer the Line 1.1 as product line.
3. Pick Release and Ship confirm Order.
4. Don't Run Workflow background process yet.
5. Query Order 66666 in Service Contract and you can see Service Contract 22049 has created .Please note that this service contract is for the Free Warranty item ( that was part of BOM of product item) and contract amount = 0
6. Now run workflow background process that will progress order line to fulfillment.
7. Once Step #6 is done, query order in Service Contract Module again and you can now see Contract # 22050 .This is for the extended warranty line and it is in Signed status, with Start date in Future date.

 If you have any question or you would like our consultant to help you in implementation /customization of service contract module , you can reach me at or leave comments here.

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