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Jan 27, 2012

Override Item Description - 1

In Oracle applications we define the Item and its attribute ( like description , min/max,UOM etc )  in Oracle Inventory . But many a time item description that customer ordered is not matched the the item description of the supplier.
For Example , Supplier Description is Dell Laptop Model Latitude , where as customer has defined it as DELL-Latitude , and if supplier supplies this as "Dell Laptop Model Latitude" , customer might reject that because of item description mis-match.To resolve this we have a new feature in Oracle application "User Item description " .

In Oracle Application , we can enter or change the User Item Description on the Sales Orders window, to one

that matches the purchase order (customer's item description). This description is different from the one that is
defined in Oracle Inventory, and pertains to an individual sales order line. This feature can also be used to provide a description for generic part numbers, so that you don't have to add a unique item to the item master for items being ordered only once. Once the line is invoiced, the User Item Description on the line cannot be changed.

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