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Jul 27, 2010

NO_DEFER for "Hint for Engine" in Oracle Order Management Workflow

In Oracle Order Management workflow , workflow activity "Close - Continue Header" , has 3 attributes
  1. Waiting Activity
  2. Waiting flow
  3. Hint for Engine
If Hint for Engine is blank then workflow activity  "Close - Continue Header" will be deferred and will be processed by the Oracle "Workflow background process" only.
Bit if we have value NO_DEFER in it "Close - Continue Header" will not be a deferred activity , rather it will remain an Online Process.

By Default seeded flow has value "NO_DEFER". In case you are planning to change the default values analyze your business process and justify Why you want "Close - Continue Header" to be a deferred process and process by Oracle "Workflow Background Engine".
NOTE - Don't modify the standard process rather take a copy of the seeded process and modify that.


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