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Apr 23, 2009

Oracle Application OM

Query to see if PO Belongs to Drop Ship Order Line.

select drop_ship_flag
from po_line_locations_all
where line_location_id = &enter_lline_location_id

Issue – Workflow not started for Line ( No Data in WF_ITEM_ACTIVITY_STATUSES)
In case we add a new line to already existing Model , If scheduled ship date of for the Newly configured option class is not matching with the Schedule ship date for rest of the lines in the MODEL scheduling will fail and because of this mismatch workflow for the newly added option class will not start.

When a new line is inserted into a scheduling group (such as a ship set or a
configuration), system will first try to schedule the new line with the same attributes as the other lines in the scheduling group. If that fails, then it checks the value of the profile option Auto Push Group Date. If the value is No, the line is inserted but not scheduled. If the value is Yes, the system tries to reschedule the whole set. If rescheduling the whole set fails, the line is inserted but not scheduled.

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